Good Friday and blessing

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Written by Zeinab Ibrahim



Friday, which is the best day for God, goodness and blessing, with the benefits and hour of response that a Muslim slave does not agree with a prayer; except and responding to it.

And what do we say on Friday or what is appropriate on Friday

There is no better than supplication and submission to God with what we wish as that on Friday prayer is upon the Prophet in which prayer is ten and ten prayers with a hundred.

The Almighty said: “Indeed, God, and God’s blessings be upon him,” He said, “The Lord of God, and God is the Most Merciful.”

Our master is the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, he recommended the ablament of supplication

on Friday and considered it one of the responding times, and on Friday and the beloved in it pray for God.

And about father, a kitten, may God be pleased with him, he said the Messenger of God,

pray to God, and grant him peace: the best of the day you looked at, and in which he performed the day, and in which he gave you a prayer, and in which he was accepted,

and in which he performed the evening, what was given to the earth,

There is no better than praying for the Prophet on Friday, O God,

pray for our master Muhammad and for the family of our master Muhammad, the number of sand and gravel,

the number of what it was and the number of what it was, and the number of movements and stillness.”

Oh God, pray for our master Muhammad in the first two and the others, and in the highest public on the Day of Deen,

a permanent prayer for the time of your king, your miracle and your mercy.”

Doaa on Friday is short, and Friday is not limited to supplication only, it is a whole day good.

A Muslim must wash before praying on Friday and give him good care and take care of the thorns.

Listening to the front is also required on Friday.

The Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said: “Whoever missed the blood of the body, with a sin from a dog if he wanted him,

but not one of the best clothes, and then he went out until the mosque came to see if he left him, and did not believe anyone, and then you recommend if he took his imam until he prayed;

you were the other.”

عن المؤلف