Trust in God is the secret of happines

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Written by / Zeinab Ibrahim



Trust is a language: Credit, it is said and trust Falan Palan if you trust him,

and trust is one of the definitions by which scientists knew to trust God.

The son of values said: Some of them interpret it with confidence in God, reassurance to him, and stillness to him.

The runways of the two wires are over.

He said: Ibn Ataa said: “The trust is not to show in you discomfort to the causes with the intensity of your superiority to them,

and do not go away from the fact of stillness to the truth with your standing on them.

This means that the heart is not attached to what is in the hands of people,

and trust is in the hands of God Almighty, and this is the truth of trust in God Almighty, and it joins that firm certainty that God does not break his promise.

And that on everything Almighty, the Almighty said:

“And the word of God does not break with God and worship Him, and you think that people do not know [Roum:6].

The Almighty said: “The God has given all things a destiny [Cow:20].

Because the slave, if he takes these matters, and his heart contains them, did not despair when poverty, disease and affliction of all kinds.

He was not at the height of wealth, wellness and goodness, and trust in God also includes faith in his cause and his destiny, from which nothing is left from this universe.

[Moon: 49] The Almighty said:

The Almighty said: “He created every thing, and he lost it.

How can a servant trust after his faith as much as God without those who appreciate destinies and the heart of the night and day

God created all creation for one purpose; for His worship alone, he has no partner: {And when I succeed, I will be alone to worship}[Theories].

The Almighty has shown them how to worship, explained their character, detailed their types, there are manifest worships, such as prayer, fasting, etc.

And baptismal worships, such as fear of it,

trust in it, contentment with it, and so forth, and among these heartfelt worship that God worships with:

trust in him, honesty of dependence on him, good trust in him, and delegation of things to him..

Trust in God is one of the qualities of the prophets;

This is Khalil Al-Rahman Ibrahim – peace be upon him – When he was thrown into the fire, he was in great confidence in God;

where he said, “God has counted us and yes the agent,”

God exiled what they wanted from Kidd, and saved him from being shot with malice, the Almighty said,

“Say, Yes, we will be a country and peace be upon me.”} [Prophets(69)]

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