Our brave heroes symbols of toughness

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Written by / Zienab Ibrahim 



Since and when do journalists martyr and sacrifice their souls, you bastards oppressors

The Israeli enemy went crazy when it displaced China to the vicinity of our Palestinian people, including the fact that they captured a whole set of channel that broadcasts their news to the world;

but not only did they do so, but they melted their shells towards heroic journalists Is it because they reveal the genocide you would like to complete or because they highlight the truth you are trying

so hard to hide from your people When your financial means have diminished, you began to lay off some of your soldiers and officers;

because you were not able to pay their wages, did the message of the captives who bravely witness the valleys of the valiant section keep their lives safe more than you;

even in slander they were putting themselves at risk to preserve the lives of those prisoners,

but what did you do They themselves asked you before you killed them with your foolishness to stop that war and ejaculate;

because they know how stupid you are the inevitable who will surely give their lives, you never disappoint them you did what they fear; but that doesn’t matter you idiots,

now you never go apart from animals anything you just hit. It doesn’t matter who you shoot.

They were the brave captives or reporters whom it is impossible for anyone to do harm

The seductive hero Wael Al-Dahdouh, the symbol of patience and toughness in the fatherly Gaza, who gave the entire world a lesson in courage and patience,

is scattered in the testimony his family and yesterday his son, who saw a brilliant future and was the one who completed his career after him;

but he received the testimony before achieving his father’s wish and returned after his farewell; to stand on top of his work and broadcast your brutal deeds to your home,

so that we will not be left

We love your august body; therefore, we will not stop, unless the world escapes you, you filthy bastards.

The right of the innocent martyrs and our innocent children will not remain with impunity or with a deterrent response.

عن المؤلف