Defeat the enemy and victory of the heroes

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Written by / Zienab Ibrahim



A complete withdrawal of the occupation army from Beit Hanoun in northern Gaza, the tanks retreated into the separation fence and the citizens were able to enter the town and reach their homes. 

‏Interesting statements quoted by Maarif Zionist newspaper:

Former Israeli Deputy Chief of Staff Yair Gulan Our finest sons are killed in Gaza without achievements and even clear targets of war. 

Hamas achieved a strategic goal when it said to Israel I am the one who manages the conflict and it is inevitable to reach an agreement with Hamas and not with any other actor. 

The only Hamas capable of releasing the abductees. 


Breaking into a fortified building with 7 Zionist soldiers east of the Shujaiya neighborhood and conquering them. 

The restrictions imposed by the Israeli occupation army on the Israeli media with regard to the conduct of operations in Gaza are mainly caused by the magnitude of the huge losses in the ranks of the occupation army. 

that can be the fold of what is advertised and perhaps the biggest in its military history. 

which the Israeli media has been racing about their publication in the past days. 

The most important thing is the silent rebellion of soldiers and the collapse of their morale, the outbreak of war diseases among them, and their lack of enthusiasm for a war that they believe is absurd and has not achieved any of their goals. 

And that they are used by Netanyahu and his partners for personal and political goals and even watch their comrades fall dead and wounded around them every moment. 

Each of them believed that he was next, either dying with a sniper shot, or exploding a mine. 

or a guided shell and that the Merkava tanks and Tiger Armies flaunted by Israel have been turned into mobile cemeteries and armoured coffin. 

As a result, the leaders of the Israeli occupation army frequently visited the fronts in Gaza and, in fact, took their own hands over the status of the soldiers.

They pulled brigades and battalions whose soldiers celebrated in parties to escape the verified loss of their colleagues. 

The Israelis began to withdraw silently and unannounced from most neighbourhoods in the Gaza Strip, leaving behind massive destruction and unprecedented brutal war crimes.

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