The brave watched and destroyed the enemy

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Written by / Zienab Ibrahim


The commander of the Israel Rapid Intervention Unit was killed with his team crew in the ambush that targeted them in the rooster stone.

There are many dead officers and we will bring them to your attention when the information is definitely available.

This is a qualitative process in which the will of God is entered into and reconciled.

Military analysts: the division is more desperate than the first stage of the war, and they fight the war valiantly and courageously.

They cause unprecedented large numbers of deaths and loss of assets in the occupation and all Gaza axes.

In the grip of men’s men:

Three Israeli soldiers.

Press coverage | Kassam Brigades: Our fighters were able to monitor a gathering of 60 soldiers to occupy inside tents east of the rooster terrier.

They were targeted with three anti-personnel packs, and then one of the mujahidin was offered to abort the rest of them.

The fighters withdrew to their positions peacefully after a large number of occupying soldiers were killed.

In response to harsh scenes | A new massacre perpetrated by the Israeli occupation in the city of Khanyounes and the arrival of a large number of victims at Nasser Hospital.

The Israeli occupation will not be able to annihilate everyone.

Many of them will live and grow up.

But they will not forget these generation will not let you live in peace you will have mercy on the generation before them as you now have mercy on the generation that preceded this.

It is the spiral of violence and injustice that will not end as long as its causes continue.

Praise be to God and thanks to him, all the obstacles that Israel speaks in the war and exceeds the resistance in the field and that the resistance knows the region more than us.

All this is only from the actions and courage of the resistance to the northern boycott, so how if they watch and try the warriors of the division in the middle cutter.

The southern sector, which is still ready to wait for the enemy.

عن المؤلف