The enemy’s failure to attain his alleged right

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Written by / Zeinab Ibrahim


The Israeli enemy could not or obtained its secrets through the war to resist our valiant; they took the path of the truce offered to him and Netanyahu told the murderer, “it was a difficult decision, but it is the right decision,” even if he lost thousands of soldiers to do so; and if the heroes of his country were to pass away, they could no longer fight with the strong Gaza army and lost a lot of money as a result of the boycott that occurred now and after they failed to receive his alleged punishment.

Even to retrieve all the hostages held by Hamas, and even all those who came out of them talked about how well they were treated there; the brave who deal with pity from their secrets are never said to be terrorists; even after that temporary truce, most of the west handed over to our fellow Israeli heroes, when they saw that the captives who bring out their state of health were good, and that’s to say, how bold the heroic fighters who the Zionist enemy couldn’t defeat them, they kept lying and blowing their birds.

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