Tampering with Palestinian history II

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Written by / Malak Moatz



We have returned to compete the previous article which is

“Tampering with Palestinian history”

On the night of May 22nd and the morning of the 23rd , Israeli soldiers invaded the village of Tantura. 

At first, they separated between men and women.

Women were stripped of their gold, money, and anything precious,

also they were forcibly expelled from the village.

They went out their village wandering in the unknown place to go.

For the village’s men, the soldiers forced them to gather at the shore.

Don’t think this only applied to real grown up men,

but any boy who looked over the age of 13 was considered an adult man.

The testimonies that Teddy Katz hears from the soldiers

were terrifying and were later shown in a

movie called ” Tantura ” by an Israeli director named

” Alon Schwarz ” .

One of the soldiers said they placed individuals in barrels and shot them,

he still remembers how the blood looked in these barrels . Another soldier who would

become a prominent figure in the ” Defence Ministry” took out his gun

and started killing the hostages by the beach one after another.

A third soldier named ” Amitzur Cohen” said literally while laughing, ”

I was a murderer, I didn’t take prisoners”.

How many do you think he killed ?


he doesn’t know and neither do we.

He says also while laughing” I didn’t count,

I had a machine gun with 250 bullets and I finished them ” 

What I’m telling you is not the testimonies of the victims,

but those of the killers !! 

These are the ones who are supposed to try and tone down the severity of their actions.

So imagine this horrific after being touted down .

The victims’ testimonies are far more horrific than this .

You can read them in detail

in the sources.

Wait for Tampering with Palestinian history III

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