Scum speaking and heroes achieving victory

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Written by / Zeinab Ibrahim


Those who support and support his country and people in his ordeal are not from terrorism, but there are those who ask what did you do, Palestinians, until we stand by you

An idiot question from a person who is dirtier, you if you see your children and women being demolished above their heads homes and hospitals and you do nothing then you are not free.

Kefak is nonsense about what right do you repent The right of innocent children or of women who have lost their lives in front of their children.

Children are crying and begging for their mother, whom God has honoured and received testimony.

that you will not receive as long as you are alive and this is not out of thin air; because you have not been a free day, hardened, or trolley.

The brave fighters are dealing with the crimes of the occupied enemy with all their strength and with a hopeful victory from God.

I will not see with my life people like those who are taken to our Palestinian people who forgot that Palestine stood by us in the October 6 war.

They did not repent of our support in the return of Sinai to us, which is our right and we do not wish to stand by them in their war towards our first and last enemy.

The enemy if he is among your clan then this is the biggest calamity and affliction for the human being and fighting him is the most heinous.

The scum who are talking about what the valiant Palestinians have done so far, I would like to tell you: my seductive people have stood up to injustice and tyranny unless you do it.

Those who wanted to take a grain of soil from their homeland had a protective shield through which they could not cross, fighting valiantly in the field of ground warfare, which had taken down every Zionist soldier on the ground and made him a mirage that did not exist.

They captured an Israeli general and countless officers, who made the Zionist enemy swell in place, set fire to Tel Aviv, burning places in the borders of Israel that were of the utmost importance to them.

They made the Israeli people wrestle and shook their trust in their boss. Should I say more to you What did you, bellow

You sat at your place watching the victories the Palestinian people have achieved. You have to feel shame and taken when you speak a word about brave people who do not come next to them from the foundation of a seed.

عن المؤلف