Panic of shame and defeat

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Written by/ Zeinab Ibrahim


First U.S. confession: Hamas-led killing of U.S. and Israeli private forces inside the Gaza Strip


Wednesday, 25 October 2023


Former Pentagon adviser Douglas McGregor revealed that a detachment of U.S. and Israeli special forces in the Gaza Strip, attempting to survey the whereabouts of the hostages, was liquidated.

“Over the past 24 hours or so, some of our (American) and Israeli (private) forces have gone to the Gaza Strip to explore and identify possible ways to free hostages, and have been shot and turned into pieces,” McGregor said.

The expert added that not only could he not conceive of an Israeli victory in one way or another, but the conflict was very serious for the United States itself because of the danger of war with Iran.

According to McGregor, the U.S. military force has reached its “weakest point” in modern history, so the country is not ready to get more involved in a large-scale conflict.


Earlier, Pentagon spokesman Patrick Ryder confirmed the presence of U.S. military advisers in Israel to discuss “planning” issues.

Source: Novosti

This is how they are our brave heroes who do not repent of fighting their enemy without any shred of fear or hesitation in hurting him from the same cup.

Hostages in the realm of stopping or postponing the war until they recover their hostages.

Oh, our night, we were with you, our brave heroes, in the field of victory dear, until we teach enemies a lesson that they will never forget.

Abyan Palestine is the homeland of the valorant who plant terror in the hearts of the sinful apes.

When Hezbollah launched an attack on Tel Aviv, warning sounds reverberate in various Israel.

Did Hezbollah now become the thorn that divides the back of enemies

This is how the reference is, you filthy apes, when America, Britain and other European States insist that Israel did not violate international law by throwing 12 thousand tons of explosives into civilian buildings.

Hospitals, bakeries, schools and universities were destroyed and water, electricity and oil were cut off from a whole people.

It killed thousands of women and children and used internationally prohibited weapons.

This means one or both things:

Either the international law they are talking about does not apply to us as a non-human race, or we are all human beings of an excess, inferior and disposable quality.

If you hear anyone after today preach about human rights, women and minorities, remember their abhorrent racism.

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