The enemy people’s confidence in their boss is shaken

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Written by / Zeinab Ibrahim



Yesterday Tel Aviv popped up burning on television screens and the appearance of some of the Israeli people refusing to own our homeland and not wanting it.


Protests on the streets of Israel against President Netanyahu demanding that he leave Gaza and take prisoners home at the most.


The confidence of the Israeli people in their president is shaken,

he is the one who said: we will destroy Hamas politically and civilly,

but those around him do not believe that he will be able to do what he says.


Hamas and resistance have taught the Israeli enemy the gravest types of lessons they will never forget after capturing the most important commander of the Israeli army.


‏Netanyahu’s last speech

Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu appeared in his retainer speech differently than every time: 

It seemed to have features of defeat, humiliation and refraction. 

So did it look like:

1/ Frequency, oscillation and lack of possession of the information. 

2/ Not knowing the next stage or step. 

3/ Repeat the word if we beat.. Or if we don’t win.

(Our friends know that if you do not win, their turn will come) 

in a clear indication of how he felt defeated. 

4/ Speaking of releasing all Palestinian prisoners in exchange for Hamas releasing their captives is a new retreat and refraction like the 7th of October. 


This dog’s face knows that it is broken, knows that people know that he has been defeated, and knows that people know that he knows that he has broken.


Just as his being broke the predicament 

Many conversations and non-existent actions by the enemy, so that he can regain his lost confidence in his people. 

This is only the beginning,

the people of the apes; because the war you did, they were our brave Palestinian people and their strong fans were ready

for it from the beginning and the result as you saw it was no need to talk. 

Victory is the ally of the Palestinian Muslims, to whom victory was written and supported by God Almighty.

Do you not remember your punishment from our Lord Jel, and may you scatter in the earth and humiliate this is your inevitable truth. 

He saw the entire world and not only you how strong you talked about before and it was a waste.

عن المؤلف