Gaza is annihilated, Arabs

20231101 123626

Written by / Donia Mohsen


I don’t know what to say really,

Gaza is subjected to a massacre and the whole world sees and is silent,

and some of them are idiots and say that Palestine is the guilty

Why? Why is Palestine guilty?

Because she struggled to take her land and return it to her with dignity,

a month has passed since the successive and continuous bombardment of Gaza,

two months people die, a month they did not eat or drink,

a month they wait at any moment for their martyrdom, they were divided into two parts,

a part that strayed he and his family in one room because they want if they were bombed to die together, there is no separation between them,

and another part is divided into two rooms because they want if one part of them dies, the other part still claims for them, The people of Gaza are terrified,

the people of Gaza are dying every day by the thousands, many were martyred, children,

the elderly, women, youth, men and the elderly, and each of them had a home, a life, a story and a family,

we have to move, move Arab rulers before it is too late any more


. “Hoor”

عن المؤلف