The enemy went mad after his heavy losses

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Written by / Zienab Ibrahim


Why do they prevent the entry of fuel to Gaza hospitals and the inspection that is carried out 

Do you think, for example, that we send soldiers and weapons with backers Or does the fear possess you to that degree 

You are test rats;

so the brave are experimenting with the various methods of fighting with you,

and even with the missiles they serve. 

Do you have the fear of the Israeli enemy that prompted him to strike madly and without pity or mercy. 

‏Under a state of confusion, confusion and ambiguity,

the spokesman for the occupation army confirms the magnitude

of the great losses in the ranks of the occupation forces by declaring that face-to-face combat and this means heavy losses to the Israelis. 

Second, Hamas also asserted that it was justified not to disclose the true scale of death by maintaining the feelings of the families of the Israeli dead. 

Third: The official death toll from the army has risen to 332 and 242.

Has Hamas captured more soldiers ?


under the direct observation and monitoring of the enemy in the field through the eyes of the redeemers.

The occupation talks about attempts to break through information by the Al-Qassam Brigades to monitor the movements of the enemy,

an old new square and front opened by resistance and the field is still filled with what does not facilitate our enemy. 

‏Was chasing Jews in Dagestan the beginning to hunt them all over the earth And get rid of them!

And do you remember the Prophet’s talk about their hiding behind the stone of the crowed

In Dagestan they were chased by Muslims at the airport, street,

restaurant and hotel, and they were hiding!

They were hiding behind America

So is America the gypsy tree 


Al-Qassam Brigades announced the destruction of 10 mechanisms of the occupation army between a tank,

a soldier carrier and a bulldozer on the axes of engagement in Gaza City from the middle of last night until now,

God is great and God is praise.

عن المؤلف