What if we meet

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Written by / Mariam Hafez


What if we met, love of my life?

I swear I don’t know how much I can hug you!

I don’t know how long I can look into your eyes and tell you that

I wished for this meeting with all my feelings!

I will hold your hand and put it in my hand and walk with

you until our legs complain, and I will tell you

as I watch the sunset with you that you have that difference that I love,

you have a smile more beautiful than this sunset,

and that your absence is darker than the darkness that appears after this sunset,

and at night, I tell you while I contemplate the stars are with you.

I was wishing with every falling meteor that I could meet you,

and contemplating your eyes is better than contemplating this moon high in the sky!

May I meet you one day?

May I feel you with me even for once..?

If supplication changes fate, then I will remain prostrating until God permits fate …

and I will meet you.


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