A cloud of distant thought

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Written by / Aliaa Zidan 


 At midnight, I look at that clear sky adorned

with stars that make it delightfully illuminated,

at this clear hour;

My mind takes me swimming in long thoughts,

somewhat far from the reality of life.

Any time until the thoughts in my mind are arranged in a

smooth manner,

and here we have reached that station.

 The most important station in ambition;

It takes the breath away,

that status, that pursuit,

and all those hopes and ambitions that any human being aspires to.

 But at the same moment, my mind wakes up,

as if the bite of a poisonous snake had seeped throughout my body.

Yes, we do indeed live in luxury, happiness,

and blessings that are not realized by many people.

 These afflicted people in Palestine,

the color of blood is evident in every inch of the land,

the smell is like the air they breathe,

they leave as they arrived; They are pure from sins,

they are martyrs alive and provided for by their Lord,

they are not just numbers or names to memorize,

they are not just those killed in those days of war.

 They were,

and it is with great regret that my tongue does not

utter a word about their being the past.

They were souls among us,

ambitions and ideas,

quests and dreams,

with smiles and laughter that illuminate the parts of Gaza,

companions for bitter days, lights that

illuminate the sky of Gaza,

carrying the nation’s concerns until the last breath,

fighters who cling to the honor and the land,

demanding With truth and victory, the best people on earth.

These people are not like other human beings.

They were never like us.

I saw in these elite people a lot of patience and perseverance.

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